My very first big show!

Last month was my art show and I was part of the First Friday ArtWalk. And it was my first real big show.  I had mixed emotions. I was nervous yet excited to show the world(or my tittle town, Eugene), my art. It was the first time I was really putting my work out there, in front of so many passer-bys. Although the pictures aren’t of good quality, you do get a glimpse of some of my art work hung at the show.  The water color paintings (on the right of the photograph) are of Margie Templeton.

Artworks 1

Artworks 2             Artworks3

They used one of my artworks on the cover of the Lane Arts Council First Friday Artwalk Guide, which came as a total surprise to me. But how cool is that?!!!

My friend, Ariana Schwartz, shared the studio space with me. She had her student’s model their creations made out of re-purposed materials. The newspaper dresses were fantastic. Ariana herself created two of them, both of which were my favorites. It’s a wonderful course to take, ReFashion Lab, at Lane Community College. Do check it out and other courses offered by Ariana Schwartz.

Ariana & dress                   Weekly cover

Ariana and her student are pictured above.  Her student wearing one of the creations made out of newspaper, which they also used on the cover of the Eugene Weekly.

Ariana's newspaper dress

A dress made out of the Eugene Weekly newspapers, created by my very, very talented friend, Ariana Schwartz. Her works are always so creative and inspiring. Two of the dresses are made from newspapers, while the dress on the right is created from Dr. Pepper soda cans.


All in all the show was a sucess, not only for me but also for my friend Ariana. The place was packed, and everyone was intrigued by the models.  I received many wonderful compliments about my work which gave me a huge boost. And I sold several pieces which came as a total surprise. And a very good one. It’s wonderful to know that there are people out there who do appreciate your work enough to purchase it.  It makes you feel so good and validating so you as an artist can continue working.

Peace and Light,



Tonight is the show!

Just a quick reminder that tonight is the show for the First Friday Artwalk held at Studio Mantra in downtown Eugene, across from the Oregon Electric Station. Doors open at 5:30pm.

First Friday Artwalk

Come have a glass of wine and enjoy the show!

See you tonight!


Black and White: my new business card

As part of getting ready for my show, I had my husband use his graphic design skills and create a business card for me. We sent them off to Vista Print to get them printed and they arrived a few days ago. I am quite pleased with the black and white design.

Business card 3

I’m hoping they will be a hit at my show this Friday and that people will be drawn to the design element and will pick them up. It’s time to get my art out there. This year I’m really trying to give Art a good go of it.

business card1

Thanks for your support!


Upcoming Show: First Friday Artwalk!

In just about a week I have a show at Studio Mantra in Eugene, Oregon. It’s going to be part of the First Friday Artwalk, (you can read the short write up on their site) so hopefully a lot of folks will come out and support the arts. I’m excited, nervous, overwhelmed, and everything else in between.  There’s still a lot to do and I’m running out of time, but I know I will have everything completed and ready to hang early next week.   With the help of my hubby, the hanging process should go relatively smoothly.

Other than me, there are two other artists who will be show casing their work at Studio Mantra. My dear friend Ariana Schwartz teaches fashion design and textiles at Lane Community College. Her fashion class, ReFashion Lab works with newspaper, cardboard, cloth and every day upcycle objects that are then created into fashion pieces. Her students will be modeling their creative fashion wear. Ariana created the dress on the right. She’s an amazing fashion designer and highly creative.


The next artist is Margie Templeton. Margie creates beautiful watercolor and oil paintings. Margie spends half the year in Eugene creating watercolor paintings and the other half of the year in Bali, Indonesia creating oil paintings. Her paintings are colorful and vibrant.

Hope you wonderful local folks can come by and support us at this event. Here are the details:

First Friday Artwalk on June 5th, 2015

At Studio Mantra: 40 East 5th Avenue Eugene, Oregon 97402

Time: 6pm

Thanks and see you soon.


A peek into my art journal

Some people call them sketch books while I prefer to call them art journals. These journals are a compilation of my doodles, inspiration, ideas, thoughts, quotes, and anything that I want to add to it. I started keeping a journal at a young age. I liked the process of cutting out pictures from magazines of things that were an inspiration to me. Sometimes lyrics from certain songs or interesting and meaningful quotes.

Art Journal (1)    Art Journal (35)

Over the years, I refined the content going into my journal and only incorporated things related to art. This hand print is one of my earlier sketches created in high school. Over the years my style has developed and grown with more intricate work.

Art Journal (42)    Art Journal (7)

I create using black ink mostly. I think I like seeing the contrast of the black against the white background. But as of late, I’ve slowly been incorporating color into my sketches as well as in my art.

Art Journal (2)      Art Journal (17)

These sketches are some of my earlier pieces. They are explorations of “where my hand takes me”. If you read my earlier piece, What’s my process like, you’ll understand what I mean by that. I don’t plan out my works, I just sort of go with the flow. I like the element of surprise. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these older sketches.

Thank you!


What’s my process like?

People ask me how I create my art and whether I plan out my patterns.  The answer to that is NO! I don’t create sketches and roughs before I tackle an art piece. I create what I feel like and see where the patterns take me.  It’s a journey in of itself as my patterns often have an ‘organic’ feel to them. I like doing it this way because I prefer to surprise myself. I like the idea of going from a blank sheet of paper to something that is finished that I can admire and hopefully you do too.

Sun Dyed (6)

My art is intricate and therefore labor intensive. Just the other day someone was looking at my work and they asked me if I stenciled the designs and when I told them it’s done free hand, they were shocked. It puts it into perspective and its great when someone can appreciate the amount of time and detail I give to my art. I turn on music sometimes and just draw for hours on end. It allows me to have time with myself-to be immersed in my thoughts and feelings. It is my deepest mediation. And it is what gives me fulfillment and pleasure.

Sun Dyed (7)

Listening to people’s reactions to my art gives me joy. I like to hear what people have to say, what they think of when they see my art, what parts of the piece they like more than others, or what new shapes I ‘put’ together and the colors I choose.  We all have a different eye and we interpret things in our own way and to me that’s exciting. There’s no right and wrong, just a matter of perspective.  Our experiences in life shape us and we all come from such different walks of life. We all have a different outlook and that to me is wonderful.

How I became an artist.

Hi! I’m Amrita Dutia. I was born in India and lived there until I was three years old. My family and I moved to the Maldives Islands in 1983. I learned to swim here in the deep turquoise waters. And this was also where my creative journey started. I spent a lot of my early years scribbling, coloring and drawing.

Over the years my family and I moved across the globe to the Sudan, Kenya, Cambodia and then back to India, where I spent my high school days at a boarding school. I spent my college days at the University of Oregon and have stayed here ever since. I got married to an amazing man, Nate, and we live with our tuxedo cat, Kiki and a forty five pound African Spurred tortoise, Bubba.

032            IMG_8579

Art is my passion and I love to create patterns and designs. I like to see the organic forms my patterns take on while creating works. Being able to create allows me to express my emotions, sometimes in better ways than words do. It allows me to immerse myself into my art and keeps me focused. It’s my deepest meditation. And from that, I create these works of art.

My art is inspired from the travels around the world. It allows me to interpret the different cultures and arts I’ve been exposed to. It’s a way for me to make a connection to the different places I’ve been to. I use different symbols and motifs from cultures near and far. It allows me to take a fresh and modern interpretation of old symbols and motifs and use them in a modern way.  Drawing this type of art has given me a keen sense of aesthetics and a way to observe patterns and designs from around the world. With that observation, I interpret these designs and patterns into my own creations.

Art gives me a deep purpose, a connection to life, to being fulfilled.  It allows me to actively engage my mind in something meaningful.  And when I hear stories from my collectors that tell me how much my art has meant to them, it brings me back to why I do this and how much I love creating.