A Portrait of my Father

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about my art. Last year was a tough year. I lost my father in August. My world was turned upside down and my art took a back seat. I created a portrait of my father, to honor and commemorate him and for the wonderful and rich life he gave my mother and I.


It’s the first portrait I ever created in the style of work that I usually do. I added three flowers by his forehead that represent, my dad, mom and myself-our close knit family. The patterns and designs also serve for the intellect and knowledge my father held. He was so well versed and had many ideas and thoughts and his mind was always “active”.


I took the portrait back to Bombay to our family home, where my mother had it framed and hung up on the wall, above the antique desk that belonged to my patriarchal grandparents.



Jasmine and rose petals lay below his portrait.



Here’s another angle of the portrait in the context of our living room.

Hope you enjoyed the portrait.

With love,





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