Featured in Gay Wedding and Marriage Magazine

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner and editor of Gay Weddings and Marriage Magazine. Renee Clancy and I started to chat about my art and its process as I was working on a piece for the Mayor’s Art Show. She was interested in what I was doing and sat and talked a while as we were getting to know each other. An idea came to her and she asked if I would be interested in creating a piece for her Fall Issue, that could be used for the DIY-type weddings. I jumped in at that point and said YES!  I started with a black and white design and then decided to create a second one in color.

FullSizeRender (4)             IMG_7760

I sent both drawings to Renee to let her decide which one to go with and she chose the colorful one. Since the article was for the Gay Weddings, I wanted to keep my colors neutral so either gender could use it for their special occasion.

A few weeks later, Renee sent me pictures of the photo shoot where she used my art printed on fabric and gift wrapping paper, all made through Spoonflower. The pictures turned out fantastically and I was so excited to see my work portrayed in a different light.

image2         Renee got creative and made streamers out of the printed fabric.image5

And a handkerchief for a Men’s blazer.


A dining room place setting with the artwork wrapped around a napkin.


And of course little tiny presents or wedding favors with the printed design on gift wrapping paper.

image9                            image8  image10The pictures turned out great and they overall look was awesome. It was wonderful to see my art translated into so many different “looks”, something I’ve always wanted to do with my art.

FullSizeRender                                         FullSizeRender (1)

I downloaded the pictures from the online version of the magazine so I could post these pictures to my blog. This is how it turned out and it looks wonderful.

                FullSizeRender (2)                           FullSizeRender (3)

I am excited that my work has finally gotten published and people around the country will see my art and hopefully I will get more exposure.  And I am especially thankful to Renee Clancy for giving me this great opportunity.

Peace and Light,



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