My very first big show!

Last month was my art show and I was part of the First Friday ArtWalk. And it was my first real big show.  I had mixed emotions. I was nervous yet excited to show the world(or my tittle town, Eugene), my art. It was the first time I was really putting my work out there, in front of so many passer-bys. Although the pictures aren’t of good quality, you do get a glimpse of some of my art work hung at the show.  The water color paintings (on the right of the photograph) are of Margie Templeton.

Artworks 1

Artworks 2             Artworks3

They used one of my artworks on the cover of the Lane Arts Council First Friday Artwalk Guide, which came as a total surprise to me. But how cool is that?!!!

My friend, Ariana Schwartz, shared the studio space with me. She had her student’s model their creations made out of re-purposed materials. The newspaper dresses were fantastic. Ariana herself created two of them, both of which were my favorites. It’s a wonderful course to take, ReFashion Lab, at Lane Community College. Do check it out and other courses offered by Ariana Schwartz.

Ariana & dress                   Weekly cover

Ariana and her student are pictured above.  Her student wearing one of the creations made out of newspaper, which they also used on the cover of the Eugene Weekly.

Ariana's newspaper dress

A dress made out of the Eugene Weekly newspapers, created by my very, very talented friend, Ariana Schwartz. Her works are always so creative and inspiring. Two of the dresses are made from newspapers, while the dress on the right is created from Dr. Pepper soda cans.


All in all the show was a sucess, not only for me but also for my friend Ariana. The place was packed, and everyone was intrigued by the models.  I received many wonderful compliments about my work which gave me a huge boost. And I sold several pieces which came as a total surprise. And a very good one. It’s wonderful to know that there are people out there who do appreciate your work enough to purchase it.  It makes you feel so good and validating so you as an artist can continue working.

Peace and Light,



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