A peek into my art journal

Some people call them sketch books while I prefer to call them art journals. These journals are a compilation of my doodles, inspiration, ideas, thoughts, quotes, and anything that I want to add to it. I started keeping a journal at a young age. I liked the process of cutting out pictures from magazines of things that were an inspiration to me. Sometimes lyrics from certain songs or interesting and meaningful quotes.

Art Journal (1)    Art Journal (35)

Over the years, I refined the content going into my journal and only incorporated things related to art. This hand print is one of my earlier sketches created in high school. Over the years my style has developed and grown with more intricate work.

Art Journal (42)    Art Journal (7)

I create using black ink mostly. I think I like seeing the contrast of the black against the white background. But as of late, I’ve slowly been incorporating color into my sketches as well as in my art.

Art Journal (2)      Art Journal (17)

These sketches are some of my earlier pieces. They are explorations of “where my hand takes me”. If you read my earlier piece, What’s my process like, you’ll understand what I mean by that. I don’t plan out my works, I just sort of go with the flow. I like the element of surprise. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these older sketches.

Thank you!



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