What’s my process like?

People ask me how I create my art and whether I plan out my patterns.  The answer to that is NO! I don’t create sketches and roughs before I tackle an art piece. I create what I feel like and see where the patterns take me.  It’s a journey in of itself as my patterns often have an ‘organic’ feel to them. I like doing it this way because I prefer to surprise myself. I like the idea of going from a blank sheet of paper to something that is finished that I can admire and hopefully you do too.

Sun Dyed (6)

My art is intricate and therefore labor intensive. Just the other day someone was looking at my work and they asked me if I stenciled the designs and when I told them it’s done free hand, they were shocked. It puts it into perspective and its great when someone can appreciate the amount of time and detail I give to my art. I turn on music sometimes and just draw for hours on end. It allows me to have time with myself-to be immersed in my thoughts and feelings. It is my deepest mediation. And it is what gives me fulfillment and pleasure.

Sun Dyed (7)

Listening to people’s reactions to my art gives me joy. I like to hear what people have to say, what they think of when they see my art, what parts of the piece they like more than others, or what new shapes I ‘put’ together and the colors I choose.  We all have a different eye and we interpret things in our own way and to me that’s exciting. There’s no right and wrong, just a matter of perspective.  Our experiences in life shape us and we all come from such different walks of life. We all have a different outlook and that to me is wonderful.


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