How I became an artist.

Hi! I’m Amrita Dutia. I was born in India and lived there until I was three years old. My family and I moved to the Maldives Islands in 1983. I learned to swim here in the deep turquoise waters. And this was also where my creative journey started. I spent a lot of my early years scribbling, coloring and drawing.

Over the years my family and I moved across the globe to the Sudan, Kenya, Cambodia and then back to India, where I spent my high school days at a boarding school. I spent my college days at the University of Oregon and have stayed here ever since. I got married to an amazing man, Nate, and we live with our tuxedo cat, Kiki and a forty five pound African Spurred tortoise, Bubba.

032            IMG_8579

Art is my passion and I love to create patterns and designs. I like to see the organic forms my patterns take on while creating works. Being able to create allows me to express my emotions, sometimes in better ways than words do. It allows me to immerse myself into my art and keeps me focused. It’s my deepest meditation. And from that, I create these works of art.

My art is inspired from the travels around the world. It allows me to interpret the different cultures and arts I’ve been exposed to. It’s a way for me to make a connection to the different places I’ve been to. I use different symbols and motifs from cultures near and far. It allows me to take a fresh and modern interpretation of old symbols and motifs and use them in a modern way.  Drawing this type of art has given me a keen sense of aesthetics and a way to observe patterns and designs from around the world. With that observation, I interpret these designs and patterns into my own creations.

Art gives me a deep purpose, a connection to life, to being fulfilled.  It allows me to actively engage my mind in something meaningful.  And when I hear stories from my collectors that tell me how much my art has meant to them, it brings me back to why I do this and how much I love creating.


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